Magnolia Hill Soap, Inc.
 Handcrafted, Natural Soap with herbs




We offer pure, natural bar and liquid soaps made with essential oils, organic herbs, and vegetable oils many of which are Vegan friendly.

You are careful to live a healthy lifestyle – so don’t forget your skin, the largest organ of our bodies.  We are careful to eat food that is pure, natural, and has no artificial ingredients and we should be that careful about what our bodies take in through our skin – via soap.



From Herbs to Soap and around again to Herbs 

My interest in soapmaking grew out of my work as an herbalist.  As an herbalist I am aware of the healing and nutritional value of herbs as well as our bodies’ potent ability to absorb elements through our skin.  It followed that I wanted to create products that were “good nutrition” for the skin thus Magnolia Hill Soap Company was born.  And now I find, the soap and lotions should not stand-alone, they are part and parcel of the herbalism I practice which focuses on herbal education. So I have included in this site an index of herbal information, which I hope you will find helpful and a schedule of my current herb classes. 

The wheel turns round. 

Marge Powell, Herbalist and Owner of Magnolia Hill Soap




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